An Intimate DIY Wedding 小溫馨手作風動人婚禮




First, thanks Charleston and Karena for having me as their wedding day photographer. (One of their good friend is a famous wedding photographer in the industry, and who their got for their engagement session is also another photographer I really like!)

The wedding day didn’t have a long rundown, and we even skipped all the Chinese customs. Everything was simple. Having the closet friends and family, celebrate their joy in an intimate way. From the bride’s non-tradtional blue gown, bridesmaids’ lace tops and tutu dresses, simply DIY ribbbon backdrop, to the soft palette forest theme deco, I loved every details. And please don’t miss the little chicken dolls, the bride handmade their costumes which matches the couple’s own outfit too!

Simple, but full of character and love. I am glad to be there.

Photographer: nikkiloveu / Bride’s Makeup & Hair: Carmen C Makeup / Bridesmaids’ Makeup & Hair: Namnam Lam / Bride’s Blue Gown: Kir Royal / Groom’s Suit: The Mister Suit / Bouquet: Forest for Rest / Catering: 銀杏館 / Popcorn: Popcorn King / Invitation card production: Print Dog Productions / Venue: Lei Yue Mun Park


About Nikki ♥

全身投入攝影界並剛投入社會的傻女子, 喜歡菲林的質感又不忘數碼的方便, 透過拍照去凝住時間, 使急促的生活節奏慢下來, 細心留意每個被忽略的美妙細節

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