Little Wedding Party at Ammo 在Ammo的小婚禮



我們只有派對前不足一小時在附近拍照,而且他倆居然沒拍過其他婚紗照啊!(也實在太信任我了,感動!)沒有拍很多照片,沒有換造型,可是簡簡單單就夠好看,尤其是他倆相視而笑的笑臉,就知道他倆對彼此的愛!祝他們在遙遠的他方繼續美滿地生活 🙂

A little 3-hour wedding party is flooded with love — Gloria and Anson is leaving soon so they didn’t have time for a big wedding, instead they held a little party at Ammo to gather friends together.

I am always willing to help on styling or art direction whenever clients ask. I understand Gloria was too busy to prepare this little wedding, but she surprised me!!! This is just simple and elegant! Her teal dress is light and flowy, and my eyes cannot leave the floral embroidery details on the back. And they made all the flowers, both the decor and her bouquet! The white-and-green matches her dress a lot. Also the two layer buttercream cake – simple and yummy! And also the wedding favors is so lovely. Thanks for the little honey.

We only had less than an hour for photo shoot around. And I was so shocked they didn’t take any engagement photos before!! (Thanks for trusting me so much.) We didn’t change any style, and not really took many photos, yet this simplicity is always beautiful, especially from their smiles I can see their love to each other. Truly wish they all the best 🙂

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