nikkiloveu on Simply Peachy!

好難相信我居然上左Simply Peachy呀!

自從我認識了婚攝業後,當然有聽過Simply Peachy的大名啦!不過剛剛認識她們時,就聽說網主撤出香港,大概因為這樣她們也從來沒回覆我的電郵。不過忽然間有一天,收到她們的電郵,不單單解答我的問題,更高興,超高興的時她想介紹我的作品呀!


Can’t believe my photos could be featured on Simply Peachy!

Since I get into wedding photography industry, I heard about them long ago. I heard the host left Hong Kong while I just knew them… maybe that’s why they never reply my email. Suddenly one day I got an email from them, not only answering my inquiry, but also asking my work for feature!!!

Click here to read the feature.



Truly thanks Maggie & Wesley for this engagement session. I will write another article about this shoot later. Stay tuned!



About Nikki ♥

全身投入攝影界並剛投入社會的傻女子, 喜歡菲林的質感又不忘數碼的方便, 透過拍照去凝住時間, 使急促的生活節奏慢下來, 細心留意每個被忽略的美妙細節


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